Portrait Session $120.00


 What to expect in my studio

I want to help you capture all your great memories by creating timeless portraits just for you.


In the Camera Room:

A changing room and make up table is available for you. If you're not sure what you want in your portrait, I can help you choose a portrait background, While in your portrait session, I will guide you through a variety of different poses and looks. The camera room experience lasts approximately between 30 and 60 minutes minutes.


Once your session is complete, you will review your portrait options on my 27 inch Imac. If you are bringing children with you, feel free to bring a small snack or toy to entertain them so that you can leisurely view and select your portraits.


I will assist you in finding the best portrait options. Once you have completed your order, your photo's will be send by email and you can have them printed out at you local store.


Contact me : rudy@reflectionz.co.nz


Camera Gear Fujifilm X-T2


Please vist my Portfolio @ https://heymen.myportfolio.com